How Fast is a Ferrari? 0-60 MPH Times & Top Speeds

August 27th, 2020 by

Ferrari Blurred Fast on the Track
From the very first Ferrari to the modern lineup to future vehicles, drivers are entranced by the power and capability — and their first question is usually “how fast is a Ferrari?” We know there’s more to a car than its speed, but we also know that few cars can compare to a Ferrari’s hand-assembled engines. Ferrari Lake Forest is here to break down the Ferrari top speeds and 0-60 mph times of each vehicle in our lineup.

Ferrari 0-60 MPH Times

The Ferrari lineup is one of the fastest in the world, and these Ferrari 0-60 mph times clearly leave the competition as a speck in your rearview mirror:

How Fast Does a Ferrari Go? Top Speeds

What is a car capable of? When it comes to speed, the 0-60 mph times are just one part of a bigger picture. These Ferrari top speeds fill in the details and ensure that whatever color Ferrari you drive, others will see a blur.

  • 488 GTB: 205 mph
  • 488 Pista: 211 mph
  • 488 Spider: 203 mph
  • 812 Superfast: 199 mph
  • GTC4Lusso: 208 mph
  • GTC4Lusso T: 199 mph
  • LaFerrari:218 mph
  • LaFerrari Aperta: 218 mph
  • Portofino: 200 mph
  • SF90 Stradale: 211 mph
  • F8 Tributo: 211 mph
  • Roma: 199 mph
  • Monza SP1: 186 mph

Ferrari Horsepower

What kinds of specs let these models deliver such devastating performance?

  • 488 GTB hp: 661
  • 488 Pista hp: 711
  • 488 Spider hp: 711
  • 812 Superfast hp: 789
  • GTC4Lusso hp: 602
  • GTC4Lusso T hp: 680
  • LaFerrari hp: 789
  • LaFerrari Aperta hp: 789
  • Portofino hp: 591
  • SF90 Stradale hp: 986
  • F8 Tributo hp: 710
  • Roma hp: 612
  • Monza SP1 hp: 809

Looking for a chronicle of performance across the history of the brand? Check out our history of Ferrari horsepower in production models.

Discover Ferrari Performance Specs Firsthand

The numbers tell you where to start when looking for a Ferrari around Chicago, but numbers will only get you so far. When you want to see what it really feels like to sit behind the wheel of one of the finest automobiles in the world, contact Ferrari Lake Forest.